Southern Slow Roast For 50 Guests Catered By Hog Roast Chipping!

Here at Hog Roast Chipping, we love nothing more than providing fantastic food and at a great price. Our hard-working, dedicated professional chefs, assistants and supplemental team members are all experienced and highly trained in order to give our customers and their guests nothing but the best – and that’s in terms of both excellent service and tasty, homemade food. When it comes to cooking hog and spit roasts, we’re number one, both locally and nationally, and our customers’ feedback is testament to this, but what you may not know is that we can also barbecue gourmet meat, we can create an entire menu for you (with a starter, main, dessert and sides, as well as canapés and a drinks service if needed) and we also have many options for special diets.

Hog Roast Chipping

One of our most popular menus is the Southern Slow Roast, which provides you with three marinated meat dishes and a selection of four sides. It’s perfect for satisfying different personal tastes but it also comes with a vegetarian option too, so no wonder it’s so well-liked! You get to choose the three mouthwatering meats from a possible five – BBQ pork, beef brisket, spiced roasted chicken, sticky pork ribs and Creole lamb – as well as four scrumptious sides from a possible seven – coleslaw, Greek salad, green leaf salad, mac and cheese, jacket potatoes, sweet potato wedges, and corn cobettes, giving your guests amazing variety and even the possibility of trying all seven dishes (eight if you include the veggie option!)

For a wedding anniversary party that Hog Roast Chipping catered earlier today, we cooked chicken, beef, ribs, spicy wedges, mac and cheese, and corn cobettes for 50 guests and prepared a Greek salad too. The lunchtime service also included the vegetarian option of veggie skewers – full of halloumi and fresh vegetables, grilled to perfection and served with pitta bread and a dip. 

We had some wonderful feedback at the end of the day, as everyone loved the choice and variety they were provided with. Look no further than Hog Roast Chipping for your next party or event. We’ll make it more special than you can imagine!