Hog Roast Blacko- Beef sandwiches with relish!

After a few days of rain the sun was out again on Saturday as we headed north for a birthday celebration. Hog roast Blacko were cooking for two hundred people and a lovely menu was on show chicken, lamb and beef sandwiches with relish, coleslaw and salad was on the menu served with orange juice  and lots of champagne! The birthday was a special event, a thirtieth birthday for a lovely lady and her family descended from the other side of the world so they were all coming over to help her celebrate and we assured her that we would give her and the guests a day to remember! HASKELL 3We were catering in the ladies back yard and we set up our marquee which is very useful in case we get a down pour and shades us from the sun, we laid the huge table in a cream cloths and placed silver and gold platters on the table ready for the meat, bread baskets were placed for the buns which we put out at the very last minute so they keep as fresh as possible and huge glass bowls for the salad which again is done last. The meat is the first thing that goes onto cook so we erected the machine upon arrival and placed on the meat, all our staff looked ever so smart all wearing their crisp white uniforms and the waitresses greeted the guests upon arrival with a glass of juice or champagne the guests were very fascinated in our machines and some did say that they had tasted hog roasted food in their native country and were keen to see how ours matched up, so no pressure! When the meat was cooked we added the finishing touches with the salad and bund and the dips and coleslaw were placed in the dishes the guests helped them selves and we kept carving the meat and placing more and more on the tables, after the meal some of the guests came over and said it was the best hog roast Blacko meat they had ever tasted, now that was the compliment we were looking for!