Black Friday Madness!- Corporate Hog Roast Stretford

Year upon year Black Friday only gets bigger and bigger. Stores across the country have come to adopt this American thanksgiving sale and use it as a business opportunity before the Christmas sales begin. As this tends to be one of the busiest weekends of the year for lots of stores, one local business decided they wanted to reward their employees for working extra-long hours and providing excellent customer service throughout. They decided they would do this by providing a delicious Hog Roast Stretford meal for all of their employees to say thank you.

Hog Roast StretfordThe store owner, Juliet, had asked us to provide a no expense spared Hog Roast Stretford dinner as this had been the stores most successful sale period to date with record sales figures and units sold. So, it was set to be a Hog Roast Stretford extravaganza of a meal.

For the menu, it was decided to have a traditional spit-roasted hog that would provide the centrepiece for the event which was being held locally. There would be entertainers moving around the tables, so we only had a small space in which to cook and serve from, but this was no issue as all we really needed was our trusty hog roasting machine and a table for the accompaniments. The accompaniments, in this case, were roasted seasonal vegetables and a variety of salads along with lots of crunchy coleslaw and roasted potatoes in a herby butter.

As Juliet’s employees arrived, they were awestruck. In the past these events had been elaborate, but they had never seen a Hog Roast Stretford spit-roasted hog before and were amazed. We got countless comments on how delicious the meat looked, and everyone was eager to taste it. It wasn’t long after serving began and we already had people coming up for seconds which is just the way we like it! What a brilliant way to thank everyone for another successful year!