Hog roast Clayton le Woods catering for scores of people

February has started really well for us at Hog roast Clayton Le Woods we really didn’t see this coming as we have been rather quiet since the festive season. We started February with a birthday it was held in a large converted barn, which was huge and it gave us lots of room to do our magic! We catered for scores of people and did pork, crackling and apple-sauce served with bread this went down really well and we had lots of people afterwards asking the secret to our crackling. Spitting Pig Hog RoastHog roast hire Clayton Le Woods were then just a few miles away the following day to a School opening the Mayor and local newspapers were there and we even ended up on the front page! We kept the food simple and made hot chicken and turkey sandwiches with freshly made stuffing which were greatly received by all the school children. Hog roast Clayton Le Woods last weekend catering for an eightieth birthday for a lovely gentleman he really did not look his age he never sat down and to be honest he put us all to shame! Hog roast hire Clayton Le Woods made a lovely lunch and the Gentleman was fascinated with the pig and had our staff mesmerised with his stories of the war and how hunger affected them and how lucky we are today to be enjoying lavish food, which we have to agree is so true, we served lovely fresh vegetables with the meat and supplied lots of our speciality gravy and sauces which are always greatly received by all. We have a weekend off this weekend it will give us a chance to service the machinery as we like to keep well on top of the machines and we will this week start planning our event for next weekend which is a joint birthday party for two friends and double the guests this is a big one and we have been asked to cater also for a few vegetarian guests which is no problem I think some people think that if some of the guests are vegetarian then there is a problem but there really is not we have done this time and time before catering for individuals which is no problem we always say never ever be deterred if your guests have special requirements as we are more than happy to please all our guests. February has proven to be really busy and we are really pleased we are off to a good start we are relatively new to the catering world and this is our second year and each month proven more busy than the last word of mouth is helping us enormously and we are so pleased and grateful to our loyal customers from Clayton Le Woods for recommending us to friends and family and without your business we would not be half the success we are today, long may we continue to provide this fantastic Village with glorious wonderful food!