Feeling festive here at hog roast Heskin Green.

We’re starting to feel festive here at hog roast Heskin Green catering. I got my Christmas jumpers out of storage last weekend (I’ve got a great collection) and the Christmas CDs are on rotation in the van – that is, until the other staff take control of the dial and insist we have some normal music! Humbugs! I appreciate it’s not for everyone, but I like to get in the feel of things, and it really helps when everyone I see in December is hosting Christmas parties and trying to get in the spirit – I try and remember that while at this time of year a Christmas party is an everyday event for us at Spitting Pig, most people will only go to one or two so it has to go off with a bang every time. Fortunately, I’m a world expert on the roasting of turkeys, and I can baste with the best of them, so if there’s one thing our clients don’t have to worry about it’s the quality of the food they’ve booked. Our latest rave reviews are coming out of Heskin Green, where we spent last night entertaining some of the residents with a great spread of roast pork and roast turkey done to perfection on our hog roast Heskin Green roasting machines. It was a sit down meal so we did some nice minted new potatoes and veg to accompany the meat and some fruity Christmas pudding to fill up any spaces left after the main the course. The host was kind enough to call attention to our efforts at the end of the meal when he was making toasts, and we got a round of applause – very flattering. Although to be honest, it’s as much the butchers and farmers who supply our hog roast Heskin Green pigs who deserve the accolade as anyone else – we only select the best available hogs and turkeys, but if it wasn’t for the hard work of those people further down the supply chain we wouldn’t have such wonderful stuff to work with! We are, of course, responsible for the finishing touches, though, and our serving team were well turned out, efficient and as courteous as ever – three cheers for everybody involved from the chef! If you want your Christmas party to go with a bang, take a leaf out of Heskin Green’s book and call hog roast hire Heskin Green catering!