Hog Roast Belle Vue – Pigs In Buns For A Promotion

When you’re organising a party or event and you’re thinking of hiring caterers, it may well be because you want to save time, money or stress. With Hog Roast Belle Vue providing delicious food for your special occasion, you get to benefit from all of this, while also getting first-rate service from dedicated professionals who prepare, cook and serve fresh, quality, homemade dishes that won’t leave anyone hungry.

Hog Roast Belle VueFor many years now, our experts at Hog Roast Belle Vue have offered a wealth of choice and variety, as we understand the need for both in this day and age. You may be thinking of having multiple courses served, like starters, mains, sides and desserts, or a selection of welcome canapés as your guests arrive, or you may fancy one of our speciality menus, like our Loaded Fries (toppings of meat, slaw and melting cheese on freshly-cooked fries) or our Southern Slow Roast (three main meat dishes and four sides to boot).

You may need alternative meat mains to cater for guests who don’t want to or can’t eat a hog roast, and we can cook up a scrumptious spit-roast for them, like piles of chickens or turkeys or a slab of lamb or beef. You may also need alternative mains for guests on special diets, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian and we can work together with you to decide on the best possibilities that our chef will then conjure up, fresh on the day.

Hog Roast Belle Vue catered a party recently, where one of our customers wanted to celebrate a promotion with a small group of friends and family, and he wanted to treat them all to a succulent hog roast, served as pigs in buns. He happened to mention that one of the guests was gluten-free and that he would need an alternative for them but we told him they could easily eat the same hog roast rolls as everyone else – just with gluten-free bread rolls and wraps, as all our other ingredients are already suitable. Happily surprised, our customer chose this option and on the day, everyone invited got to enjoy our amazing pigs in buns, and not just the majority.