Hog Roast Catering


As the North West regions premier hog and spit roast event catering provider – catering is what we do best – something which is backed up by our fantastic customer testimonials, as well as the fact that our bookings list is filling up faster than ever before.When it comes to providing hog roast and spit roasted catering at the events of our clients, we always ensure that our ingredients are of the finest quality available. It is amazing to note that the many years we have been bespoke caterers, we have seen so many catering companies fall by the ways side. This is due to using cheap ingredients and generally by taking short-cuts. When it comes to providing food and service at events, we are fully aware that there are no short-cuts, which is why we continue to grow and thrive.

Specially Designed Menus

Our catering menus are split into three general areas, each with their own benefits and set-up aimed at the respective events our clients wish to have. Of course, through our commitment to complete quality and choice, our customers can tailor their menus to their hearts content. After all, it is your event, so why should you not have it your way. The first group of our hog and spit roast catered menus are our Party Menus. These menus are aimed at those who are having a function either at their homes or at any venue of their choice. Through the use of our bespoke manufactured hog and spit roasting machines, we can cater absolutely anywhere as we are not relaint upon gas supplies or electricity sockets.

Giving you this freedom really accentuates the possibilities that come with having a spit roast with us; as you can choose exactly where and exactly when. From garden parties in Hollingworth and Stalybridge, to a summer function in your back garden in Dukenfield, our menus provide you with anything you could ever desire. Choose from a whole range of ethically and freshly sourced whole meats, such as whole pigs, whole spring lambs (a personal favourite when served with fresh rosemary), whole chickens, whole turkeys and sides of beef, our menus really do offer the ultimate catering punch of the whole region.

Hog Roasts And A Visional Experience

Our Wedding Menus feature all the finery that we associate with your big day. Maira and myself are recently married, so we know just how much detail and thought people put into their wedding days. Accordingly, we believe that our wedding menus give you the opportunity to make the day extra special. This is due to our service being so much more than just food – the theatrical nature of the turning animal as it cooks, the smells and aromas and not to mention the mouth-watering taste, all come together to give you so saladsmuch more on your special day. Along with this, our in-house service staff are as keen as we are when it comes to having a hog roast, so are always attentive and very helpful – from Saddleworth to Hyde, or any location in the region you choose.

Our Corporate Catering options form the final set of menus in our comprehensive catering range. Forming a fully coherent and complete service, we have helped ‘seal the deal’ for many of our clients. Particularly useful at functions where many nationalities come together, the hog and spit roast precedes the very notion of the national boundary. Therefore, the hog roast is as local to a Thai businessman as it is to someone from Britain – agreat feature at a corporate event. In all, we take a huge amount of pride in our work, which means getting your event right has never been more sure. By offering exceptional food at reasonable prices, there is no reason to look elsewhere.

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