Hog Roast for a Flower Show in Bury

Surrey - breadThe time of year is now upon us when the world is in bloom again and everyone is eager to get out in the sunshine to soak up the wonders of nature! Here at Hog Roast Bury we love catering at annual events that celebrate nature at its finest-especially when we have become part of the yearly traditional itself! We were delighted when we were asked for a third time to provide the catering for a popular local flower show and we couldn’t wait to get all expert horticulturalists and garden loving guests reacquainted with our fresh and fragrant food! The flower show committee keep asking us back for that very reason- they feel that we are the only catering company in the local area who are the perfect culinary match for the wonderful plants and flowers on display!

As all of our ingredients are so natural and vibrant, Hog Roast Bury are always their one and only choice for feeding all of the flower fans! The other major reason we are their preferred choice is a practical one. For large scale events like this, it is impossible to predict exactly how many people will be in attendance, but this is never a problem for us, as we have never catered for an event yet where anyone has gone home hungry! Not only do we provide the right amount of food, we also supply the right variety of food, with alternative meats and tempting vegetarian options, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Surrey - pig15 From our enviable vantage point amid displays of delicate floral arrangements, dramatic blooms and exotic plants, the flower show seemed even busier than it was last year! We provided a traditional hog roast, along with zingy Thai chicken kebabs and fresh invigorating salads with a combination of exotic and traditional flavours. We were inundated with people approaching our serving table (some of them more than once!) but we were our usual efficient and friendly selves, managing to feed everyone with our characteristically cheery service and consistently well-presented plates of food. All of our diners echoed the sentiments of our hosts by praising us on preparing such delicious food that was as fresh, varied and colourful as all of the botanical beauties on display!