Hog Roast Horwich – Catering A Children’s Party

Having a centrepiece Hog Roast Horwich featured at your party or event is a wonderful treat and is popular among people of all ages. We provide the food catering for all kinds of special occasions, from a 21st birthday party to a 90-year old’s soirée and everything in-between. While we are the first choice for many when it comes to a 30th, 40th or 50th birthday party, a lot of our customers are now booking us for parties aimed at much younger people, and the birthday party we catered earlier today is a prime example.

Denise called us to book her son’s 6th birthday party recently and while she had enjoyed our food catering herself in the past, she was a little worried that some of the kids invited would be scared of the hog roasting away. While we have had the odd occasion where a child is a little scared or even confused at the sight of a dead animal, we’ve happily talked to them about it or safely given them a closer look and it has tended to only be a short-term upset. Often once they’ve tasted the meat, the kids are the first ones coming back for more! Denise was happy to hear that she wasn’t the only one with concerns and decided that she would also have us barbecue some burgers at the party in case some of the guests didn’t want to eat the hog.

We arrived at Denise’s home bright and early this morning, as the food would be served for lunch and it takes a good few hours to roast a Hog Roast Horwich. Once we’d set up the hog roasting machine under the gazebo and prepped the lovely-looking pig, the machine was turned on and we kept an eye on it while it cooked away.

Several hours later and the glorious smells wafting around the garden were unmistakable to the arriving guests. As the meat rested, we cooked our homemade burgers (which are 100% beef) and prepared the rolls, stuffing, apple sauce and condiments. Denise needn’t have worried as everyone seemed fine with the sight of the Hog Roast Horwich, and clearly, all the guests loved the taste too, as we stripped it clean and there was no meat left by the end the day!