Hog Roast Lancaster

The Best Hog Roasts in Lancaster

lancasterFor many people, the name Lancaster means just one thing: the World War II bomber that played such a key role in the skies over Europe between 1939 and 1945. This iconic aeroplane, which was built in Lancashire, is famous for its silver screen role, too, being the star of The Dam Busters…but I digress. The city of Lancaster is home to some forty six thousand people as well as a fair number of students as this is a university town. The town is also home to the impressive Williamson Park and of course Lancaster Castle, no doubt a place where a dish I am very familiar was cooked on many occasions. Yes, I am the hog roast hire Lancaster caterer for these parts and I thought I’d give you a little insight into my work and into the wonderful feast that is the hog roast Lancaster style.

I have always been a bit of a keen cook. Always dabbling with this and that, always wanting to experiment and always a fan of traditional cooking methods rather than the ultra modern nouveau cuisine type meals. This is what attracted me to becoming the hog roast hire Lancaster chef in the first place. It not only gave me a chance to do some traditional topright‘proper’ cooking for a living but also allowed me to work in one of the loveliest towns in the north west of England. I’ve been providing hog roasts for about five years now, starting around the time when there just seemed to be a bit of a new wave of interest developing in hog roast and other more traditional meals. This was of course perfect timing for me as my hog roast Lancaster career was just taking off. And whilst it has taken a bit of time, I think people now realise that having a hog roast caterer available in the area is actually pretty brilliant! I am now a well travelled hog roast caterer, journeying almost everywhere possible in the city, cooking hog roast at a huge variety of events with great success, in fact it seems that there really is no event where hog roast cannot add a touch of pork magic to the occasion. Hog roast can make even the most potentially dull evening a really special occasion. Many people tell me that hog roast is often the star of the show, and that’s something that makes me feel very proud indeed.

Leaders in Our Field

That said, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into making every hog roast special! The hog roast machine looks pretty impressive from the very first moment it gets fired up, as it’s a smart and shiny looking solution for roasting the hog. Okay, okay…so the truly traditional method of using a huge open fire would look quite brilliant but it would also be hellishly dangerous and I’m not sure the parents of young children would be that impressed! Not to worry though, because this machine is a very clever piece of kit and can do a wonderful emulation of a real open fire no problem. If anything, it surpasses the real open fire because I can regulate every aspect of it, giving me total control and allowing me produce the quite perfect hog roast every single time.

saladsOf course, we are in student territory here in Lancaster and I always see a good number of students at the many events I provide hog roasts for. There are always pub or club events going on where a hog roast is needed, so I get to see first hand what the students think of my Lancaster hog roasts. Okay, a few of them have usually had one too many drinks but hog roast certainly seems to go down very well with them all. Probably makes a hugely welcome change from that old staple of students, the tin of baked beans.

The desire to have better food at events is gathering pace and that can only be great news for everyone involved. It’s obviously a good thing for me as great food is my job. Quality meat, fresh cooking and top flavours are what it’s all about. As for the guests at these events, it means a welcome change from the dreariness of old occasion food which has blighted so many events in the past. If you live in the Lancaster area and are looking to offer your guests something a little bit different and a whole lot tastier, hog roast could be the perfect solution.