Hog Roast Machine Hire with Hog Roast Darwen!

2020 has seen an increase in amateur chefs and bakers, and generally more people taking a keen interest in food and what they are eating. It’s been a great activity to a lot of people during the lockdown to keep busy and even learn new recipes and skills. Here at Hog Roast Darwen we never stop and have of course been looking at new exciting things to come in the future to add to our menus. Our last addition was the ever popular Loaded Fries which have been a massive hit!

One of our customers Shaun, the landlord of a local pub in Darwen usually calls upon the team to come and host his summer events to support him with a Hog Roast. But just like our team Shaun didn’t want to sit back and do nothing during the lockdown, instead he wanted to keep productive and busy and gave us a call to help him! He asked to hire our equipment for a full month so he could practice himself at Hog Roasting. Our team safely delivered the machine to Shaun and distantly directed and assisted Shaun with additional information that may be helpful to help him on his way to roasting his first pig. Shaun was a bit nervous at first but we assured him we were only a Facetime away if he needed us.

It’s nearly been a month now and we have checked up on Shaun to see how he’s getting on and he’s absolutely loved his time with our Hog Roast Darwen machine, to assist the locals during his practice sessions he’s been making up food parcels that can be collected from outside the pub at certain times, a great idea! He’s definitely ready to host his first real Hog Roast event when his pub re-opens, we will of course love to call in and see how he gets on too.