Hog Roast Over Hulton Cooking Up A Storm For Your Guests

To celebrate being awarded a role on a television show, actress Grace asked Hog Roast Over Hulton to cook a feast for her friends and family and she knew exactly what she wanted providing for the main course. Having immensely enjoyed them catered by us before, Grace knew that her party had to feature our amazing pigs in buns, which is where we freshly prepare and then cook a high-quality hog for several hours, slowly but surely, then carve off the crackling and slice up the meat to add to fresh rolls and wraps and top with our homemade duo of apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing. They’re gorgeous and heaven-sent and Grace knew that most of her guests would agree with her on this.

Hog Roast Over HultonNevertheless, Grace was also inviting some guests who would need a vegetarian option and with Hog Roast Over Hulton at the helm, we would make sure that everyone invited would get to enjoy tasty food. We have several homemade vegetarian dishes that our talented chefs can whip up on the day, such as stuffed peppers or mushrooms, quiche or burgers, and for Grace’s private party at home with her thirty guests, she chose us to make our veggie skewers. We make our skewers with lovely savoury halloumi and a variety of fresh vegetables, and we can always make them vegan if needed, by omitting the cheese.

Hog Roast Over Hulton catered Grace’s party on Friday evening, but our team members arrived at her home in the afternoon in order to prepare the meat and cook the locally-sourced meat for hours on end. After setting up our hog roasting machine, gazebo and serving table, chef cracked on with scoring the meat and adding plenty of water to it, to keep it moist in the cooking process, and then massaged in lots of salt to make the crackling. Hours later, it rested a short while and we sliced the bread rolls, arranged dishes of apple sauce and stuffing next to the condiments and grilled the veg and halloumi for the skewers, and then by 6pm, all the guests had arrived to enjoy a tasty spread, freshly made by yours truly.