Hog Roast Waddington Able To Cater For Any Number Of Guests

Hog Roast Waddington is often asked to cater at our customer’s homes, where we usually cook outdoors in back gardens but as long as there’s enough space, we can cook pretty much anywhere you need, as our equipment is portable and easily manoeuvred. We can, however, even cook indoors if needed, as long as there is enough space and ventilation. Regardless of what you would like us to cook for you and your guests, as we don’t only provide delicious hog roasts, our professionals will do you proud.

Hog Roast WaddingtonWhen we are asked to cook at home, this doesn’t mean to say that we are only providing the catering for small numbers, as we sometimes cook in huge gardens, but either way, Hog Roast Waddington can cater for you with ease. If you’re hosting a party with just a handful of guests, that’s not a problem, and neither is if you’re organising a huge event with hundreds of people. No matter the number of people invited, we treat everyone the same and we prepare, cook and serve tasty food made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, and not just hog and spit roast mains, as we can also make multiple courses, sides and canapés, as well as dishes for special diets, to name a few options.

Hog Roast Waddington recently catered a small, informal get-together at Robin’s home, where he was celebrating his birthday with his partner and a group of friends. Robin had asked us to cook a sumptuous traditional hog roast for all of the guests, in order to make our moreish pigs in buns, which you may know as hog roast rolls. Once we’ve prepared and then cooked the meat for hours on end, we fill fresh bread rolls with hot pork, salty crackling and our own-recipe apple sauce and stuffing – we’re famous for these amazing pieces of heaven!

On the day of Robin’s party, our chef cooked a small hog that would easily feed the twelve guests with seconds and much more and once the guests had all arrived, he got the carving knives out and sliced away, ready to satisfy everyone’s appetites.