Hog Roasting in the North West

Spitting Pig North West are a hog roasting company that can cater all across North West roasting up grand hog roasts for different events such as, Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Corporate and so much more. We are part for an excellent catering group called the Spitting Pig who has brought Hog Roasting back to life.

We have a vast range of menus you can pick from we also have special menus for special occasions; Party Menus, Wedding Menus and Corporate Menus but you are allowed to pick from them providing you are having a Wedding for a Wedding Menu or a Corporate Menu since you have a corporate meeting.

Hog roasting has been around for many years and now has slowly become more and more popular across the whole of the UK. Spit Roasting and Hog Roasting meat is the best and only way to cook meat and with our expert chefs providing amazing dishes for you all and your friends and family to enjoy. Our chefs has vast amount of experience and culinary skills and can create some of the best tasting food in the whole of North West and maybe the whole of the UK. Our meat is roasted to perfection where the meat simply slips off the bone furthermore if pig isn’t you thing don’t worry since we can roast other amazing meats like; Lamb, Chickens, Turkeys, Beef, 100% Beef Burgers and a Vegetarian dish to please those who are not willing to eat meat.

The weather has been fantastic and it promoting North West as the place to be which is also accompanied by the food we provide. There are some wonderful sites to see and to see them while enjoying a glorious hog roast with family and friends is just divine.

If you have got an upcoming event and need an excellent catering company, go with us and we will make your day a very special one and one to remember in years to come.

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