Place Your Bets With Hog Roast Southport

Shake off the autumn chill with a Hog Roast Southport winter warmer, where we serve you and your guests your choice of hot, tasty, freshly-cooked meat, potatoes and vegetables, together with various delicious trimmings and our homemade gravy. We also have a festive menu nearer Christmastime but you can enjoy one of our winter warmers now, for your next special occasion.

Hog Roast SouthportIn terms of the meat, you could choose one of our famous Hog Roast Southport hog roasts if you prefer, which are loved both locally and further afield by many of our customers. We start off by lovingly preparing the meat, which we then cook for hours on end, until we get tender, moist meat and crispy, salty crackling. You can choose three from a variety of seasonal vegetables, like carrots, parsnips, cabbage, Brussels and butternut squash, and one of our potato options, like new potatoes with either herbs or rosemary and garlic, wedges or jackets, and then we finish off the meal beautifully by adding our own homemade trio of sage and onion stuffing, apple sauce and onion gravy. With us at the helm, serving fantastic, wholesome food to you and your guests is on the cards and you’ll more than likely be surprised by the cost, too.

Talking of cards, Hog Roast Southport recently catered an event at a casino, where our chef and team members cooked a large hog outdoors in the car park and served more than sixty winter warmers indoors. Our customer Demi had also asked us to cook spicy sweet potato wedges, sprouts, carrots and mushrooms, which we prepared and cooked fresh on the day, so while the pig was sizzling away in its own juices, we worked on the local veg and sweet potatoes and got them cooking too.

For this occasion, Demi had also asked for a vegetarian option and while we have various delicious possibilities, such as skewered halloumi and veg, quiche and stuffed peppers, on this day we made a nut roast as an alternative to the meat, so that the vegetarians could have a winter warmer of their own with the wedges and veg that we made.

By the end of service, everything we had made had been devoured, as everyone had enjoyed seconds or more.