Surprise Party Catering From Hog Roast Blackburn!

Hog Roast Blackburn is proud to offer our customers first-class service when providing tasty, homemade food and with the latter, we actually have so much more than you might expect. We cook a mean hog roast and we love to cook a good spit roast too, but we can also barbecue burgers made from 100% beef and gourmet sausages that our chefs create. We have an amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu that gives you and your guests no less than three different marinated meats and four different sides, as well as a vegetarian option if required. 

Talking of alternative dishes, whatever dietary requirements you might need catering at your party or event, Hog Roast Blackburn will easily exceed your expectations, as we have so much choice and variety for various tastes and diets that you won’t believe your eyes. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Head Office - sandwich When Daryll contacted us recently about booking a hog roast to surprise his girlfriend, to celebrate a big promotion, he wanted her favourite food of a hog roast to be cooked at their home, in the back garden. In these chilly months, a hog roast is warming comfort food, though our customers often provide outdoor heaters or sometimes ask us to serve the food inside. Additionally, Daryll asked us about a gluten-free option for himself and was surprised to hear that he could enjoy our sumptuous hog roast rolls too, just with special bread rolls that we would bring along.

On the day of the party, Hog Roast Blackburn arrived at the venue in the morning, as we would be serving the couple and their 20 guests early afternoon and it takes a good few hours to perfectly roast a hog. Daryll’s girlfriend would be out until then, so meanwhile, we set up our equipment, prepared the meat from scratch and then set it roasting.

By the time Daryll’s girlfriend arrived home, all the guests had arrived and were waiting to jump out and surprise her. The smells of our hog roast wafting around had tipped her off that something was going on in the back garden, and soon she could dig in to our amazing pigs in buns, together with family and close friends.