Traditional Hog Roast Rawtenstall Catering At A Retirement Home

If you’re thinking of hiring catering services to provide a classic, traditional hog roast centrepiece that will easily wow your guests, why not give Hog Roast Rawtenstall a try – you won’t be disappointed. We’ve spent many years catering all kinds of parties and events all over the country as well as locally, and we’re famous for our pigs in buns as well as for offering plenty of other options for those guests who want something a bit different or who need a special diet catering. From spit-roasted chickens, turkeys, and hunks of lamb and beef to barbecued meat, or our Southern Slow Roast menu with marinated meats and sides to veggie dishes, we have something for everyone. 

Hog Roast Rawtenstall

Hog Roast Rawtenstall recently catered a garden party in the grounds of a retirement home, where we provided our scrumptious hog roast rolls for most of the guests but also provide additional dishes too, partly as extra food and partly to ensure vegetarians and gluten-free guests could enjoy our food. When Liz called us to ask about our menus, she first asked us about our certification, so we told her that our catering services are fully backed by our health and safety and hygiene certification as well as by our public liability insurance. This put Liz at ease, as she had never used our services before then and wanted to ensure the residents and their guests could safely enjoy our food.

On to the menus and Liz was particularly surprised when we told her about all that we can provide for additional and alternative options. In terms of extra food, she decided that our chef’s choice of salads and sweet potato wedges would certainly go down a treat alongside the hog roast rolls at the party. Then she asked us about the choices we offer for special diets and selected the veggie skewers with pitta bread and a Tzatziki dip for vegetarians and asked us to provide extra gluten-free bread rolls so that guests with a gluten intolerance could also have pigs in buns.

Hog Roast Rawtenstall cooked up a storm on the day of the party, despite the inclement weather, and our tasty food all went down very well indeed.