Wedding Day – Hog Roast Darwen

Helping newly-weds Dahlia and Andrew celebrate their wedding day with a wonderful hog roast Darwen feast was on the cards for us over the weekend. The chilly, damp weather didn’t seem to matter at all as we roasted the hog inside the marquee tent at the lovely hotel venue for hours on the day, and all the guests stayed nice and warm inside, and they warmed up even more after they enjoyed our food late in the afternoon.

Following a church service, the couple wanted a simple menu at their wedding reception, so a scrumptious centrepiece hog roast Darwen with seasonal vegetables and potatoes, followed by a dessert of their own wedding cake which we would dress with berries, a fruit coulis, and fresh cream. The guests would also be enjoying a wedding breakfast earlier in the day, so we were booked in to provide the hog roast buffet before Dahlia and Andrew would slip away for their honeymoon across Asia.

On the day of the wedding, our team arrived at the hotel in the morning to set up the marquee, hog roasting machine, and serving stations. Preparing the meat to be roasted was next, and it would then take several hours to cook this large beast to perfection for a late afternoon service for more than fifty guests.

Some time later, while the hog was sizzling away, it was time to add the veggies and potatoes to the hog roast machine. They are cooked separately, with the hog roasting away above and the rest of the food inside the machine itself, but it means we can cook an entire meal in one machine if needed.

When it came to the much-anticipated hog roast Darwen buffet, the guests quickly queued up when we said it was time to carve and we saw many of them licking their lips. We carved off lots of salty crackling pieces and then sliced into the hog to fill trays with fresh, hot goodness, and then we served lots of hungry people lots of delicious food, until all of the meat, vegetables and potatoes were all devoured and it was time to bring out the beautiful tiered wedding cake.