Euro 2012 Final – Spitting Pig Lancashire

We’re as patriotic as anyone at Spitting Pig Lancashire and had hoped we could be cheering on England in the Euro 2012 final. That was obviously not possible but we had particular reason to join in the celebrations for Spain’s win. We were catering at a birthday party on the night of the final, and there was a fair sized contingent of guests from northern Spain (I counted at least 10 Spain replica football shirts!)

Of course it was first and foremost a family party and the football had to wait as the food was served and the disco started. But as the game started and wore on, more and more people were focused on it – and our Spanish guests got louder and louder! The Italian team battled valiantly in the final but it was plain sailing for Spain in the end, much to the delight of our guests! We haven’t quite learned the Spanish for ‘hog roast’ yet but we couldn’t help but feel their excitement as they cheered their country to victory.

Of course, the only other thing that caused such a stir on the night was when we opened up the buffet and brought out the succulent hog roast. It makes me proud when we bring out the slowly cooked, delicious meat out and see heads turn all around the room as the wonderful smell wafts over. It’s like a magic, smell-induced Mexican wave!

We served a wide ranging buffet, with the usual finger food (such as quiche, sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks etc) as well as our tasty hog roast which was served in buns, on plates and in tacos (no doubt a request from the Spanish guests!) But as ever, it was the hog roast that was the most popular part of the buffet.

In particular, the Spanish guests appeared taken with the spit-roasted meat and they asked me a number of questions about how we seasoned and prepared ours. We’re always eager to accommodate guests but we’re not ready to give out all our trade secrets just yet – how would KFC have survived if they told people the Colonel’s secret recipe!

Of course, I still gave lots of helpful information on spit-roast cooking and some of the seasonings we use. I also told them they could buy their own spit-roasting equipment from our very own website. The Spanish guests loved our traditional, slow cooked food so much that I now wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Spitting Pig branch open up in Zaragoza. Watch this space!

Anyway, congratulations to Spain and to their people, who must be so proud of their team’s remarkable achievements. We had a great night with all of the party guests, and had some lovely feedback on the food and service we provided. We look forward to both indoor and outdoor events throughout the summer, and are available for bespoke catering in Northern Spain – if required!

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