Exhibition day in Ramsbottom

It’s always good to get out of the city and into the country air: and that’s just what the Spitting Pig hog roast team from Manchester have been doing. We seem to be run off our feet lately. No sooner have we got one successful hog roast booking cleared away than we have to pack up and head out to another. But we’re not complaining we love what we do and we love bringing our unique skills to as many people as possible.

Last we Sunday we had a special treat when we packed up and set out for Ramsbottom where the Steam engines where having an exhibition day. We got there early to set up our ovens and get the organic hog roasting away. We did this to a backdrop of engine whistles shrieking and the sound of great steam trains shunting up and down the line.

The weather wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t great either with occasional shower and not much sunshine. But the rain wasn’t a problem for us snug under our gazebo which kept the sizzling roast safe from the rain.
And the weather didn’t seem to put the steam train enthusiasts off either: it was a really busy day, lots of families and children along with the older generation some of whom remembered when these majestic engines were still running.

It must be hungry work visiting steam engine museums as it wasn’t long before there was a queue of people waiting to sample some of our melt in the mouth hog roast. While the roast was cooking we had been busy preparing our delicious apple sauce, stuffing and some simple salads for those who might want them. So by the time the delicious aroma of roasting meat was drifting about in the air drawing hungry spectators our way, we had a full meal prepared and ready to serve.

We really enjoy talking to the public at these events particularly when we receive compliments on the quality of our food. We’re proud of our exquisite hog roasts and after 20 years of experience think we can offer a service that is second to none.

All our customers on Sunday were completely satisfied with their delicious cuts of perfectly roasted pork, as we know you will be too if you engage the Spitting Pig hog roasters to cater for your event.

So whatever you’re planning this summer, why not give our friendly staff at Spitting Pig a call and start planning the perfect food to compliment your day!

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