North west hog roasters January blog

So January is here and we all start to get fat, there’s hardly any work in January for an outside caterer. It makes it worse with December being such a busy month, in December we’re non stop with Corporate Christmas parties and Christmas weddings but as soon as we hit January it all stops with a sudden jolt.

The office side of things however picks up dramatically from December with eager customers booking us for their catering later on in the year, we’re bombarded with hundreds of enquiries from all over the North West for everything from simply hiring a hog roast machine to quotes for our top five course wedding menus, but we don’t mind, in fact we are ecstatic that people choose us to be their caterers and keep choosing us, it’s also allot nicer to be inside a nice warm office instead of being out in the terrible weather we have been getting recently, I don’t think there is one of us who hasn’t suffered from the terrible bug that’s been going around.

It’s all go!, and many of our dates through the forthcoming summer have already been fully booked by our customers being in front booking there caterers up to two years in front, they are very wise to be in front, every year we see hundreds of customers running around on the last minute trying to find a caterer, only to find they are all booked up!, so if you’re looking for a caterer no matter how far in front you may think you are, my best advice would be to get them booked.

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